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MAY – 2017

“Blessings in Disguise”

They say some blessings come in disguises.  The journey I have traveled with my husband, Bill these past months is one such blessing in disguise!  Some of you have heard this story – if you have please bear with it yet again, there are lessons here to see!!!

Before Christmas Bill feel asleep at the wheel minutes before he would have reached home.  He hit a tree, totaling his car.  Our cousin has said, in his police experience, when one falls asleep, drivers often push harder on the gas pedal speeding the up car.  Since our neighborhood has a 25 mile an hour speed zone, I have to assume this is exactly what Bill did to inflect such damage on his car.

When Bill called me – my first reaction was Thank YOU, GOD, because I could hear in his voice that he was mentally with it!!  He was, I later learned in some shock, however at that point, other than a very bloody knee and shin, and a huge black and blue mark from his neck to around his back where the seat belt held him captive, he was ok.  He could have been on the highway between the office and the house and it could have been so much worse had he fallen asleep then.  I will not even give energy to the words of saying what could have happened.
From this point forward, a series of things happened, that led us to a specialist in the Heart department of Baptist Hospital.  They found that his mitral valve, which up to this point, had not been symptomatic was leaking badly.  “Good news,” the Doctor said, “you are healthy enough to have open heart surgery to repair that valve!”  Literally, I think our mouths fell open at the same time!  OPEN HEART< HEALTHY ENOUGH!
It has been 4 weeks since the surgery and Bill starts rehab next week.  Aside from passing a kidney stone that took us back to the hospital last Friday morning, the 12th of May, at 2:00AM, he is doing well!
The surgery was a success.  The valve was repaired, the doctor did a maze procedure for the AFIB that caused us to go to the specialist in the first place and he is well on his way to healing.  This has indeed been a journey!  One for which we are so grateful to have traveled in this way.
We are indeed grateful, and thankful to all of you who sent prayers, cards, thoughts and well wishes! To those who steadfastly prayed with us from the time we knew about the surgery until now even –  for the best outcome Thank YOU – ALL!

“Greetings from Akasha”
Building a Community of Spiritual Travelers- learning from and sharing with each other
So, I am sharing a session I did in the Records around this accident as it generated questions for me!

In working in the Records, I have asked – “Had our reactions to the initial accident been anything other than what they were – would our journey have been different?”   The answer – “Absolutely.  A negative reaction, would have caused you to travel to a negative vibrational level, which would have sent you down a much different path!”  “How so?”, I asked.   “Your gratitude accelerated you both to a level of thankfulness.  At that level, solutions, and people were able to come to you that otherwise would have averted you.

What may have been considered bad luck – lose of the car, the heart going into AFIB, finding the mitral valve leak, would then have choked off the ability to find the best outcomes for those things that you could have claimed as negative or bad. The physical issue of finding the mitral valve leak, which could have gone undetected and then caused so much damage, you exalted in and embraced because you were so grateful that it was found before it did the damage.”

“So what you are saying is, that it is a matter of embracing the levels of gratitude to find all that you need?”  “YES, in a manner of speaking, that is true.  There are other ingredients involved.  However, it all begins with Gratitude.”


Take heed from “The Lesson of the Blessing in Disguise”, that Stevie shared!  Remember that all negative thoughts, words and deeds create a path for a very different vibrational field than we may intend to enter.  You have the choice, where you want to be.  Start with GRATITUDE!  The smallest of thoughts with thank you’s will start the pattern of change in  your life, allowing all good to come to you. Remember, levels seek like levels!, so think of the levels that those you aspire to be like are at, and then aim for there!”
Thank YOU, Masters, Teachers and Loved One!
The Masters thru Stevie
Send your questions for the Masters!  I will receive answers for you; and publish the question and the answer in Greetings from Akasha!   You can remain anonymous. You can email your questions to stephanylevine@ymail.com, SUBJECT – Questions for Akasha – they need to be in by the 15th of the month for answers in the next publication!!!  


THE GATHERING – Sept 27TH – Oct 1TH, 2017

The time has come –  The date is near –  We must get ready –  The Gathering will soon be here!!!

Who – YOU and YOU and YOU!!!   You must be a Level II Akashic Record Consultant!
What – The 6th ANNUAL Gathering started by Boni Oian, Stevie Levine and Glenda Garber!  Our first Gathering  was at Glenda Garber’s home in Layfette, LA in 2012.  We have been meeting ever since annually in different locations each year.  The second gather was in Jacksonville, Fl at a beachfront home with Stevie hosting.  The third gathering was at Linni Haines home in Layfette, LA.  The fourth was at Namestoy Farms, GA, with Faye Henry and Gina Higdon hosting.  Last year, Boni and Bitsy Hauser hosted with Marsha adding to the fun with her delicious food!  We were at Bullwinkles Cabins in the Hill country of Texas!  This YEAR – it will be in Jacksonville, FL or close proximity!!!
When – October 4th – 8th, 2017 –
Wednesday October 4th – travel day –
Thursday October 5th –    play day
Friday October 6th – First day officially in the Records
Saturday October 7th –   In the Records – dinner out that night
Sunday October 8th –    The Gathering is officially over Sunday morning!
Where – TO BE ANNOUNCED! Jacksonville AREA
Why – Because we like it!!! And because it is a time, when anyone who loves to work/play in the Akashic Records can come together, enjoy each other’s company, receive information from the Records from lots of people!! Enjoy the ENERGY from being in a group of Akashic Record Workers!  We do this for 2 days, and we also find something fun to do to play for one of the days.  We make new friendships, we bond anew with old friends, and we learn and grow!

  1. Are you planning to come this year?
  2. Do you want to check out on Sunday or on Monday?
  3. Will you come in on Wednesday or Thursday?
  4. Do you need a bedroom alone?

I am narrowing down the place to rent for our lodging –  my plan is to know VERY SOON – which means I need to know how many of you are planning on coming!!!!

Classes will be offered during the summer and September – that is TWO classes – Level I and Level II –  to take so that you can attend the Gathering in our area!  Call me, let me know you need a class.  Between Boni, myself and other teachers, we will help you get to the Gathering

If you think you are able to come, please get back to me.  if you think you want to and can’t commit yet for sure, just let me know that you are thinking that way and I will put you on a Maybe list.  
For those of you in Jacksonville – this is your opportunity to see what it is like to be with others who work in the Records, to meet other people who teach, to network with others who enjoy 

More Information –  
 You are welcome to come in on Thursday – if you want to skip that play day

  1. We rent a place that is large enough for those coming for the weekend to have a bed!       People may be sharing a bedroom or even a king or queen bed for this gathering.
  2. People are charged for both a room and food amount.  Once I have an idea of how many are coming, I will be able to give you an idea of how much it will cost!   
  3. For those who live in Jacksonville, you are welcome to participate during the day only and pay for food only!  And for what-ever we do for the play day if there is a cost!

Boni will not have the particulars for this part of it – so please call me!
MEETING/Class  Dates

June – 17th, 18th  – Level I Class – Learn How to Open Your Own Record

July – 15th, 16th – Level II Class – Learn How to Open Others Records
Class times are from 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday and from 1:00 to 4:00 on Sunday.
A separate flyer will be in your email shortly for these classes!
Akashic Angels Meet  7:00 to 9:00PM – the THIRD TUESDAY of EACH MONTH.  (Meeting Day and week changed)
Have you taken Level II or above? Join our group of Akashic Record Spiritual Travelers. Open the Records as a group; learn to hone your skills giving and receiving.  Experience the Love Seat! Look for the flyer on this month’s topic.
Akashic Angels will meet on May 17th, SUMMER BREAK JUNE, JULY, AUGUST – September 19th, October 18th, November 18th, December 9th,a special Pot Luck Lunch Meeting!

Akashic Record Group of Jacksonville, Open House MeetUP*  7:00 – 8:30PM Meets the FOURTH TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH  – Akashic Record Members, bring your friends to this MeetUP group.  Learn how the Akashic Records can impact you and join in a lively discussion topic regarding the Records each month! Go to MeetUP.com and register for this group so you receive announcements for Open House dates and times!

This is our link: http://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-HETRAKpS/ – click here to join!
MeetUPs will meet  May 23th, – SUMMER BREAK June, July – August 15th, September 26th, October 24th, November 28th – MEET WITH AKASHIC ANGELS THIS EVENING ONLY December – no MeetUP due to Holidays!  

For more information about the modalities and tools that will EMPOWER YOU, on your life’s journey.  

Go to our Main Website:  www.stevielevine.com  and sub- site –  akashic.stevielevine.com


All Classes and Meetings at
9116 Cypress Green Rd.  (3256)
unless otherwise posted!