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Who is Empowering Evolution and Pinnacle Communications International, Inc.?

Empowering Evolution is about gathering the finest tools to help you to Empower Yourself. Many of us, did not have the proper tools given to us, during our growing up years – to know how to create a happy life – to know how to work within changing times, situations, or issues. Life is NOT a Destination, rather a JOURNEY. Empowering Evolution introduces the concept that CHANGE – EVOLUTION – can be exciting when you are EMPOWERED! The good news is, YOU, get to decide!!!

Pinnacle Communications Int’l, Inc., incorporated in 1995, have created a program based on harnessing the power of free. Pinnacle is the leader and ranked #1 organically on Google for Cash Back Shopping Solutions.

What do we do?

We provide free memberships to individuals who shop online, those stores pay us a commission and we pass that cash back to the individual making the purchase.

We always ask three questions:
1. Do you shop online?
2. How are you spending the cash you get back?
3. If you’re not getting any cash back, would you like to? It’s FREE!

Shopping and Referring – What is it? What’s in it for you? What do you have to do?

What is it?
It is a free membership that gives you access to earn cash back for shopping online.

What is in it for me?

  • Cash back shopping at more than 1,400 stores, up to 30.0% on your purchases
  • Referral cash on purchases your friends make, 10.0% of the amount they get back
  • Access to lifestyle benefits that can save you valuable time and money in your daily life
  • Games are free to play and prizes are awarded to top point earners every week

What do I have to do?

  • Register for free
  • Go shopping
  • Share with others

Earn even more!

Become an Independent Business Owner! Receive a license to override all members and referral production – THROUGH INFINITY!

What does an IBO get?

  • Lifestyle benefits (a $80/mo. value) for personal use
  • Cash back shopping web site
  • A personal and business life management system
  • Up to 45% cash back on own purchases (Up to 45¢ on every dollar you spend)
  • 50% referral cash on direct member purchases (50¢ on every dollar they get back)
  • 40% referral cash on member’s referral’s purchases (40¢ on every dollar they get back)
  • $5 MONTHLY on all lifestyle benefits sold
  • 40% commission on group sales
  • Fundraising program for nonprofits

Wondering what we mean by lifestyle benefits?

How you can start doing it TOO!

Don’t leave cash on the table – Join for Free today!